Work with Professionals!  We handle all kinds of behavioral, basic, and advanced training.

The entire training experience is loving and kind. We never use pain or "bad dog" language at all.

It is all positive, loving, kind, and it WORKS...!!!



Meet Ann Kim


Ann hails from Texas, where she studied dog training and rehabilitation extensively.  She is certified and works with her support pal Keiko to insure that all her clients have the best chance of accomplishing their goals.   She is most excited to work with puppies and new dog owners, who she feels have the best chance of implementing good habits and therefor developing healthy relations with their furry friends.  She has also enjoyed rehabilitating many dogs with minor to severe behavioral conditions... Everything form house training to Human and dog aggression.  These difficult cases are a challenge but so rewarding when harmony is finally realized for each family.


Meet Steven Hughes


Steve is currently the owner and Manager of NYC Pet Nannies, NYC premiere independently owned and operated dog walking and pet care service.   With more than 300 clients serviced.  Steve brings his passion and enthusiasm for pet care to all of his clients.  He's mentored dozens of pet care professionals, and is working on his dog training certifications.   Having walked dogs in the city for the better part of 10 years, he's uniquely aware of the trials and tribulations that sometimes come along with pet ownership.  He's excited to be able to share his knowledge and guidance for all kinds of pet related issues that New Yorkers might experience over the course of dog ownership.