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Where we educate canines, one HUMAN at a time.

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Proper Pooches trains dogs to become fun family members.

At Propper Pooches, our certified trainers will help with all your puppy and adult dog training needs.  Everything from Training Walks to Behavioral adjustments.   Our goal is to insure that all your furry family members can co-exist with you, and within your communities.  

Get your Puppy started on the right paw by setting up an initial evaluation/training session.  You'll learn tons of important training techniques and our trainers can recommend great training programs that will be customized for your dogs specific needs. 

Having some issues with with your adult dog?  It's not uncommon for your dogs personality to develop and change as they grow older.  Make sure little behavioral quirks, don't become big problem behaviors... the minute you see something that might be a problem (excessive barking, lunging at other dogs, nipping, chewing on furniture, accidents in the house, etc.) Call us straight away.  The sooner these issues are addressed by a professional the sooner they can be corrected and your family can get back on track.

Call 347-640-1722 or, Get started today by click button below:

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Letting us know what your needs are.  A trainer will call you back within 24 hours.